Oh Shoot!

My friend Kat asked me to do her makeup for a photoshoot (a la Lookbook.nu) she has to do as an assignment in one of her classes in Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Here are some of my favorites


Yes Mag Celeb Home ang peg!

Model: Kat Lucilo
Photographer: Arch John Lucilo

Products used*: 
Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Liquid Foundation
Revlon Colorstay concealer
Makeup For Ever HD Powder
MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC 35
Makeup For Ever Sculpting Kit in #2
Revlon Brow Fantasy in Light Brown
Sleek Blush in Flamingo
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa
Avon Extra Lasting Mascara
Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow palette
Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil in #01 Black

*All products used purchased by me

Golden Rules

I have become drawn to anything GOLD. It has a way of making anything look all classic and glam that I almost always get something just for the color

The FaceShop glitter polish, Guerlain Eyeliner in Metal D'Or and  Guerlain Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss in 460 Ambre

Wearing The FaceShop glitter polish in Gold (stating the obvious: i don't know how to do nail shots)

Love earrings from Accesorize

Necklaces from Yhansy and H&M

Adidas shoelace accent

Marc by Marc Jacobs Metallic Stardust Logo iPhone Case in Pale Gold (this is <3)

Shu Uemura eyelash curler in Gold

Tory Burch Distressed Leather Reva in Gold 

TOMS Glitter Gold

How about you? Is there a particular color or item you are drawn to that is constant in your wardrobe, accessories, vanity or makeup bag?


Luxe Makeup: Guerlain

I recently had a mini Guerlain haul during the Luxasia event. I have only wanted to get the Parure Gold Extreme (which is not available, unfortunately) because it was highly recommended by Lisa Eldridge in her  bridal makeup tutorial and I have meant to use it on my upcoming wedding makeup gig (yay!!) on February 2012. As usual, I ended up getting more than what I had planned or budgeted for myself. Be that as it may, I am HAPPY.

Lingerie De Peau, Parure Gold, Ecrin 6 Couleurs in Rue De Rivoli and Terracotta Gloss in Salsa and Tango

Lingerie De Peau in Ambre Clair and Parure Gold in Beige Clair
Main selling point of the Lingerie De Peau is how it's "invisible, seeming to fuse with the skin...". A no-makeup makeup, it provides perfect long-lasting coverage minus the mask effect. First time I used it, I thought I got a shade too light for my skin tone. But after a few minutes, it oxidized a bit and matched my skin tone :)

Parure Gold is by far, my favorite foundation. It has no SPF, which is why it is ideal for when you will have a lot of pictures taken, say, a party or your wedding because SPF has light reflecting properties that will make you look washed out in photos (you're fine with SPF 15 or lower though). Main selling point of this product is its anti-aging properties, a plus for me as I am almost 27 and I believe that it's the right time to prevent aging.

I have not tried this palette yet but I am especially interested in the fuschia eyeshadow. Of the 6 shadows in this palette, it's the first one that you will notice!

I was immediately attracted to the packaging. It's just so glam!

Terracotta Gloss in Tango (flamboyant Red) and Salsa (neon Fuschia)


The first one is Tango, and the second one is Salsa. They look the same on photos, but they are distinct when swatched. On the lips, they give a tinge of color, and a whole lot of gloss. Packaging may be all glam but the gloss it gives is...cute. Cute as in Lancome's Juicy Tubes kind of cute. Not really sure why, must be because of its jelly-like consistency, but that's what I am reminded off whenever I put this on.

That's it! Gosh, I started with this post a long time ago, saved it as draft then almost forgot about it. Tsk.

Must. Post. More.


Moonlit Bazaar Haul

I went to the Moonlit Bazaar in Rockwell on Saturday alone, without any plans to meet anyone or any idea where or how to get a ride home, and, to top it all off, not a lot of cash on hand.

You can say I was a woman with a mission (...or something like that)

Anyway, I really wanted to go to this bazaar because I knew Digital Traincase and Sleek Make Up PH will be there, and I felt like I needed to stock up on make-up so I have something to use on future make up gigs. I only picked up a few though, and most of them are for me but I can't say that it's a failure.

Anyway, here they are! My bazaar hauls:

Oh So Special, Original and Sunset eyeshadow palettes

I have been wanting to try Sleek makeup ever since I saw Michele1218 do a tutorial on one of the eyeshadow palettes. She mentioned that this is a UK brand and shipping was expensive so I thought I would never get to try this. Thanks to SleekMakeupPH for making this available here, and at affordable prices, too!

Sleek indeed

Suede, Flamingo, Scandalous, Pixie Pink
Sleek Blushes. Good thing I don't like all the shades. I only got the matte ones.

Digital Traincase was also there. Got this NYX Eyeshadow Base from them. I have not tried to read any reviews about this primer, but I am hoping this is just as good as the Urban Decay primer I have.

NYX Blush in Mocha from Digital Traincase as well. "Might" give this as a gift if I can prevent myself from using this myself

Curiosity got the better of me so I got this Addis Ababa shade.

Milani Liquif'Eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil. Recommended by my favorite beauty guru, Hollyannaeree. This is the best pencil for tightlining and for lining the waterline because it glides on easily

NYX Round Lipstick in Electra from Ysh's Boutique. Most of the lipsticks I own are neutral shades, and I thought I should have a bold one.  

 Rings at Php100 each

Mascara guide at Php40! Got this from the same store I got my rings :)

I love the colors of my belt bracelets, I can't decide which one is my fave! Got this from a store called Jean and Rosz for Php150 per set (3 pcs per set). I only got these from them, but checking their multiply page, I should've gotten some of the other accessories too. They have pretty good selection at affordable prices.

Bath and Body works PocketBac in Vampire Blood.

I wanna live in Paris (who doesn't?!). But until then, I think I would just settle for Paris inspired items like this notepad I got for Php75.

 I wish it has more nice quotes like this, but I have only seen 2

Photo taken from Satchi Store Facebook account
Got this pair from Satchi Store. Ever since I saw the leopard print loafers of one of my favorite bloggers, HRH Collection, I thought I wanted to get one. I never really made an effort to look for one but at the back of my mind, I really wanted one. So when I saw this at the moonlit bazaar, I got it right away. This pair is soo comfy because of its anti-blister foam lining and insole cushion. It's nowhere near the Steve Madden pair ( I don't think I have seen one at a Steve Madden store) and I would probably want to look for an exact pair (or atleast one that covers my feet more), but this one is not bad at all! It's boyish--because of its shape, yet girly--because it's leopard! Exactly what I want :)



My Lips are Sealed

I used to hate wearing lipstick. Not so much the look of it on me, but the feeling of it on my lips--thick and sticky. I remember I got a Clinique lip gloss and tried wearing it back in college freshman year. I was so uncomfortable! I don't know how to eat my churchuria (we munch a looooot before) without touching my lips. This made retouch almost a hassle and giving up food just so I can maintain freshness of my lip gloss is not an option! So after a day (I wanna say after a week, but I'm pretty sure it took a day only), I gave up on my lip gloss. I would only use Body Shop's Born Lippie (I still do) and nothing else on my lips.
I was a lipstick/lipgloss hater until I met (well, more like came across) Hollyannaeree, my favorite beauty guru on Youtube. She, together with all the other beauty gurus, is the reason I have a growing addiction for make-up and today, I will share with you my small but growing collection of lipsticks :)
I love the clean make-up look. And what better way to achieve that than to seal it with a nice shade of lipstick:

Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude. This should be worn with a lipgloss or else, you would look ill or washed out. I almost always mix my other lipsticks with this if I want them to look less intense and more nude-looking.


 Mac Cremesheen in Speed Dial. Honestly, when I bought this, I thought I was buying the perfect nude pink lipstick. When I got home and tried it on, it looked more like a very bright pink lipstick on me. Still, I loove it! I would not wear it in the office though, it's too much for my boring workplace. I only wear this during the weekend.

Covergirl Continuous Color in Parisian Pink. Same with the Mac, I thought I was buying the perfect pinkish nude lipstick but this turns out to be too bright and light for my skin tone. I thought it was wasted money for me but when I tried it on a month after, I loved it. This is almost exactly the same shade as my Mac Speed Dial, just a tiny bit lighter.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Prim Rose. A Hollyannaeree fave, looks good on her but not what I expected on me. Still not the pinkish nude I was looking for, tsk. Still, this works for me. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coral Berry. I mix some of my Revlon Soft Nude lipstick with this to make it look a little bit less orange on me. 

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss Lip Gloss in 460 Ambre. This is pure LOVE. The perfect nude/peach lip gloss for me. Perfect taste, and smell. Amazing! Looks so glam too!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in 363 Rose De La Reine. Packaging just screams glamorous (and expensive)! A little bit bulky though, but I don't mind. This can be an accessory in your purse when you're at a party :) I love the packaging more than the lipstick itself. Color is too sheer, has a lot of glitters (bothers me a lot) and lipstick itself is just too small given the cost of this product. I have twisted this all the way up and you can see how small the lipstick bullet is. I don't even use this often (maybe 5 times?).

Stila High Shine Lipstick in Aida. Got this as a gift from my aunt (i think). It looks dark but it's actually very sheer, like a lip gloss. The color is kind of bronze/brown/peach when swatched, perfect for day make up

The Face Shop Extreme Rouge Gloss in BR801. This is almost an opaque lip gloss, almost like a lipstick. The perfect nude that does not make me look like i'm sick. 

Stila Lip Graze Stick in Vanilla. This is a nice pinkish nude lip gloss. It has a hint of sparkle (bothers me a little). Can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick. Although I love that this is very soft and creamy, it makes sharpening VERY messy. Wasted a lot of product too when I sharpened this last night since the tip got stuck inside the sharpener. Thought of it just now, maybe I should keep it in the fridge before sharpening it? Hmm...

There you are! I have learned that choosing the right shade and formula of lipstick is key to having a good lipstick experience. Don't be a lipstick hater just because of one bad experience. Give these little bullets a chance and soon you'll see how it can make you look more polished and put together.

P.S. I plan to get Lime Crime Retrofuturist lipstick. Though I am not into red lips, I feel every girl should have atleast one. Plus, Lime Crime Lipsticks are just too cute to pass up!